Junk of the heart

The world is yours. You are not as attached to time as you think. Make a connection with a tree or a plant. It is more important to be yourself than to hide things. The tools of the artist give you a chance to twist and bend the laws of nature and to cut-up and reshape the fabric of reality.

—John Frusciante (via we-play-endlessly)

Distant Sures always flashing before my eyes, memories crying through the black and white flashes of a suffocating flip-book
Lord let me fall asleep before getting to thinking
These most precious “Spots of Time”

as much humanness as possible, as much weirdness. no more of this putting on a “cool front” bullshit. laugh at yourself. loudly if you must. at how stupid and trivial your worries are. call yourself out on the unnecessary seriousnesses. admit to your shit, so that you can gain and maybe even laugh about it later.
try your best to be able to laugh about the things that are most serious and daunting in your life. this is the only good form of power that i can think of.
spend time with whoever, despite everything, or in spite of everything. there are some people that should be kept around, and you’ll know who they are, usually early on.
only try hard for what matters. don’t waste energy.
if anything you want to do stems from deliberating about others’ reactions, don’t do it. don’t think “too far” ahead, it will ruin purpose and prohibit the “truest” most beneficial choices/actions
reach backward and grab what was good, some of it matters for now and some of it doesn’t, look forward and dream for what will be, but be present during all of this.┬áthe present is fleeting so try and keep up with it, be aware of it the best you can and try to be within it as much as possible. don’t slip into the past and future so much, it’s too easy
no time for all the bullshit we emit in our everyday lives
be real
be real by being the least hypocritical you can be

if you have time, money and youth, do as much as you can. if you only have one of those, or none, still do as much as you can.
no settling for less. stop waiting and putting off what you want.
we’re all the same, be a kind human.

(no excuses)

The person who lives through several decades and experiences such dramatic events still remains the same person, if not someone who ages pre-maturely. Turns of event in every biography are inevitable. Perhaps what stays constant are the philosophies we preach, our theoretical foundations, that which builds intelligence. The life of the mind is made strong by this consistency, and for the ability to reject that which doesn’t agree with established sensibilities. But man does not live by prudence alone, for experience changes him little by little, quietly but constantly. He, for his part, projects his character onto a world each day refashioned. And history moves forward as far as the sum of human wills can carry it.

—Boris Shragin, “When Did You Open Your Eyes?”

The Beatles

—For No One

For No One

Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.